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4-colour During most of the 80s and 90s the print production facility called the Eyeball Print Shuttle has gained a solid reputation for producing publicity cards for creative professionals in London, mainly photographers, illustrators and designers.
We accomplished this by applying an artist's eye and digital image processing technology to the printing industry, which was itself in process of a rapid evolution.

With years, we have moved to other, more interesting and rewarding projects, while neglecting the print side of business. However, since printing remains a useful and reasonably efficient vehicle for promoting any activity or idea, we maintain this site as a connection point for our old clients, plus any prospective ones who might be interested.
We are now working on bringing back this part of our activity, smarter and better than before, altough still a specialized print production facility, optimised towards needs of a creative professional.

We would also like to direct your attention to other media, such as the Internet, our main area of activity, especially >Startcell - an excellent web launch package, which will put you onto the Net in a day or two and in style.
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